Local forestation projects for global climate goals

Through transparent investments in local forestation projects, you contribute to the UN SDG’s Climate Action Goal 6, 13, 14 and 15. For ESG reporting, project data and audit are provided to you via a single platform

Nature as an asset

You obtain rights to ecosystem services derived from the forest land, including carbon.

Transparency through technology

We utilize advanced technology to provide a complete audit trail of your green investment.

Mitigate greenwashing risk

Diligent audits ensures credibility of each project, removing the risk of greenwashing accusations.

Aecorn GHG Project

Our projects are dedicated to enabling forest initiatives prioritizing a unique level of traceability and credibility, to assist in achieving your company's sustainability objectives.

Choosing to invest in forestation, as opposed to conventional carbon credits, broadens the scope for potential long-term benefits. These can encompass biodiversity enhancement, soil erosion protection, and other ecological advantages contingent on the forest's condition.

We provide a variety of project options to meet your strategic goals. If existing projects don't meet your criteria, we source new areas through our broad network of landowners, based on size, location, and environmental impact.

Our network includes experts in forest management, carbon sequestration methodologies, and technology. This collaboration guarantees a consistent, measurable climate impact, enriching the long-term value of our projects.

Nature as an asset

Utilizing advanced technologies, Aecorn transforms nature into a transparent asset class, encouraging greater investment in nature recovery. We document, quantify and digitize nature assets, to enable various ecosystem service claims to be derived from the forest areas. This enables end-to-end traceability and sets a new standard for documenting climate change mitigation projects for transparent use in ESG reporting.

Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services encompass the varied benefits provided by healthy ecosystems including CO2 sequestration, improved groundwater, increased biodiversity etc. From the outset, the CO2 equivalent removal from our projects are being measured and accounted for in accordance with international practices and standards, such as regulations and guidelines from the UN, EU, and national governmental bodies.

Incorporate nature recovery in your sustainability strategy without impacting your P&L.

With Aecorn we are changing the economic model of nature restoration by creating a new, tech-enabled, nature-based asset class which generate nature-dividends.
Audit by Aeon
As a project owner, you align your brand with a credible climate change mitigation project, that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere and contributes to restoring local ecosystems.
You obtain rights to the ecosystem services derived from the forest land, including CO2 sequestration, which can be monetized in ESG reporting as Beyond Value Chain Mitigation.
You receive a digital contract secured on a distributed ledger. The technology guarantees transparency and provides a complete audit trail, securing your nature benefits from a specifically geolocated forest area.
Instead of a cost affecting your P&L, an Aecorn Project typically represent an intangible asset on your balance sheet. Depending on accounting standards, it might be possible for such asset to be capitalized and amortized over e.g. ten years*
*Note: The asset owner is advised to consult with its own legal, investment, tax, accounting, and other advisors to determine the potential benefits, burdens, and other consequences of owning such an asset.
Data Management
Throughout the entire project period, all documentation for compliance purposes is securely managed on Aeon Connect,
for the project owner to follow it's climate mitigation efforts.
Monitoring, Reporting and Validation (MRV)
MRV is managed via Aeon Connect, but provided through a network of partners with distinct measurement capabilities within e.g. carbon, water, soil, and biodiversity.
Automated Audit
Leveraging automated audit statements, a regime of 3rd party validations ensure that the forest land is maintained according to requirements and that peace forest duty is respected.
Asset Tokenization
Each Aecorn Project "Unit", representing ownership of ecosystem services derived from 0.1 hectare (1,000 m2) of specifically geolocated forest land, is tokenized via Aeon DLT.

Claims guidance Q&A

Does my property qualify for Aecorn?
At Aecorn, we are interested in all properties where a new forest area of ​​at least 10 hectares can be established.
Hvornår modtager man sit første tilskud?
Det første tilskud fra Aecorn udbetales straks efter at skovrejsningen har fundet sted. Derefter udbetales tilskuddet årligt, den sidste bankdag i november.
When do you receive your payment?
Aecorn's remuneration is paid annually, on the last banking day in November.
How does Aecorn secure my payment?
Aecorn works under the Bank License and is also obliged to allocate capital for the payment of remuneration of closed bank accounts, in government bonds and similar low-risk products. In this way, we ensure your remuneration today - and in the future.
How much does it take to establish the forest?
As a plot owner, your primary task is to have the forest area designed according to your wishes and within the framework of Aecorn Climate Forestry. Planning of the forest area is carried out in collaboration with Skovdyrkerne.dk, which is an Aecorn Approved Partner™.
What are my obligations as a lot owner?
After the forest has been established and registered as peace forest, you will only be obliged once a year to digitally send a third-party declaration (from, for example, your forest manager), as confirmation that the forest area continues to be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Forest Act. Further monitoring of the forest area is carried out digitally by Aeon.

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